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As part of our rocks and minerals unit in science we need every child to bring in 12 rocks in some type of container. An egg carton works very well since it provides a compartment for each rock. We will be using these rocks for observation, weighing, determining hardness and minerals they might contain. Therefore, please make sure the rocks aren’t too big. We need the rocks brought to school on or before Friday, April 1.



  •  Feb 5 Father-Daughter Dance 7:00pm
  •  Feb 12 Hugs & Healthy Hearts at Heritage – Please send in new fuzzy socks for 3rd     grade!
  •  Feb 15 School In Session: Calamity Make-Up Day
  •  Feb 17 PTO Meeting 7:00pm
  •  Feb 19 Third Grade Wax Museum
  •  Feb 29 Blood Drive

During the month of February we like to focus on making  everyone’s heart happy!

For our Hugs and Healthy Hearts Valentine’s day activity this year, we will be filling warm fuzzy socks with small items and delivering them to the James Cancer Hospital. This donation from our Hearts will help to warm the Hearts (and Toes) of patients undergoing treatments at the James.

In order to make others’ hearts happy we need your help! We are asking for donations of the following items:

New Warm and Fuzzy Adult Socks. (similar to the pictures below)

Small items to fill the socks, some examples are:

decks of playing cards


hard candies

packs of gum

individually packaged tea bags

Hot Chocolate Packets

Any other small items that would fit inside the socks

We would appreciate all donations by February 8th. We will be filling them on February 12th at our Valentine’s Day celebration.


Thanks for helping us to warm the hearts of others!

Just a few reminders:

1) Tonight and tomorrow we will have Student Led Conferences. If you are signed up please bring your child with you as they will be leading the conference.

2) There is no school for students tomorrow due to conferences.

3) Friday is dress like your favorite book character day. Students are encouraged to dress like a book character and bring in a book with that character. We will be doing activities focused on the book and character on Friday.

4) Next Wednesday we will be celebrating the class participation in the Yankee Candle Fundraiser. We will have a class one minute talent show in the classroom. Students are encouraged to think of a talent they would like to share with their classmates. Due to the fact that we will be doing this in the classroom we are limiting our audience to just the students in the class.

5) Remember that this Saturday is the PTO Harvest Festival here at Heritage. The PTO has been working very hard on the event and it is sure to be a wonderful time!

Have a great evening!

Happy Monday Families,

We are working hard in class and have so much going on. We have started a new book in Language Arts, Sarah Plain and Tall. This is one of our stories that is “Inspired by the Sea” and is a favorite of the kids every year. We are working on using text evidence to answer questions, telling stories from first person point of view, and identifying character traits. We will work on publishing our narrative writing this week as well. In math we are adding and subtracting within units of measure. Social studies will be focused on the history of Pickerington.

Some classroom reminders:

  • We have Stanford testing every day this week. Please try to make sure that your child is in school and on time so that they are able to take the test with the class.
  • Tomorrow (Tuesday) is a 2 hour delay day for teacher professional development.
  • Thursday is the first day for Conferences. We are doing Student Led conferences this year so please make sure your child is in attendance.
  • There is no spelling this week due to Stanford Testing.
  • Please make sure that Reading Logs are coming in on Mondays. We have had several students that have had them missing recently.
  • STMath fluency should be done each night.

PTO Reminders:

  • Yankee Candle Pick up is today from 3:00-7:00
  • The Heritage Harvest Festival is being held on October 31st from 3:00 – 6:00 PM.  There will be live music, food trucks, and games planned for the day.  There will also be a costume parade and costume contest. They are still in need of volunteers, if you can help please click the link below.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Bristle

This week we read a great friendship book that is inspired by the sea. The story of Amos and Boris is a wonderful story of unlikely friends and how they help to save each other’s lives. This story is also full of rich vocabulary and gave us six more million dollar words! The words are below. Try and use them with your child this week.

necessities: what you really need.

miserable: feeling or looking awful

opportunity: the chance to do what you want

privilege: special rights for some people

stranded: stuck some place

reliable: able to be trusted

Have a great weekend! Enjoy your time as a family!

Mrs. Bristle