Dear Families,

We are working with a program in class that is designed to help children develop their comprehension and vocabulary skills through stories read aloud. The program takes advantage of some sophisticated vocabulary found in books for young children- because children love to learn big words. Research has shown that the earlier children learn these words, the better able they are to use them in their speech and writing for the rest of their lives.

Every two weeks I will be sending home six new words. These are the words we are learning and using in our daily activities. Please try to use these words as frequently as possible. See how many times you, your child and those around you can use the words. Make a game out of it!

And remember, as you share reading experiences with your child, point out and talk about the big words you encounter.


Mrs. Bristle

This Week’s Million Dollar Words:

  1. Valuable: Very useful or important.
  2. Compliments: Nice things that you would say to someone.
  3. Abundance: More than Enough
  4. Hero: A person who does something great
  5. Sputter: A popping Noise
  6. Eavesdrop: To listen to someone secretly.