We have had a wonderful first full week in 3rd grade! We have been busy being Leaders, starting our first literature and math units of the year, learning about plants and working on classroom routines! It has been busy, but so much fun! 
As we get ready to start next week I wanted to give you all an update about upcoming events and lessons in the classroom. 

Reading: continue with our book “The Stories Julian Tells” and working on using text evidence to answer questions. We will also read some poetry and begin talking about how stories are handed down from one generation to the next. 

Writing: we will continue our adventures with Writer’s Workshop. We are focusing on using small moments in our life to write personal narratives. The students have been filling their Writers Notebooks with stories, and I can’t wait to see what else they write! 

Math: we will continue to work on Multiplication and Division. We are focusing on making equal groups, using arrays to represent multiplication, and using the RDW process to answer questions. 

Science: We are studying plants and their life cycles. We will be planting seeds and learning about how plants grow. 

Check out the pictures below of the fun we had this week! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter! @hes_bristle
We practiced shaking hands, greeting each other and using eye contact!    

The students applied for leadership roles in our classroom

We made a human array in math class! 

And then practiced drawing arrays ourselves! 

The beginning of Writer’s Workshop, look how focused they all are! 

Practicing Read to self for Daily 5. 

Sharing our solutions in math class. 

Making equal groups as we investigate division. 

Writing our Small Moment Stories.