The time has come… Monday and Tuesday we will be taking the first round of the PARCC test in Math. We will be testing both days for 75 minutes. The rest of our day we will be business as usual. As we get ready for PARCC, please help your students to be prepared in the following ways:

Make sure our kiddos get to bed on time this weekend. Even a late Saturday night can have an impact on a Monday morning test!

Please make sure kids have a good breakfast on both days. Grumbly tummies make for unfocused test takers.

Talk with your child a little bit about the test. Let them know that this test may be difficult but that we know they can do the work. Encourage them to do their best and to persevere through the difficult material. Remind them that they have strategies to use to solve these problems.

Remind them that if the iPad they are using is not working that we will be able to fix it or get them a new one and they will still have the full testing time. No students will be penalized due to a technology issue. There will be multiple adults in the room that can help them in this situation.

Thanks for helping to get our kids ready for PARCC!

Have a great weekend!