We have been talking about equivalent fractions in math, and discussed ways to create equivalent fractions. I discussed with the kids a video that I had seen several years ago that showed how to find equivalent fractions, and mentioned that I was disappointed that I could no longer find the video.  I guess some of the kids took it as a challenge to go out and find it, because today Amier came in and happily announced that he found it on youtube! The video link is below, we watched it today in my math class and so many of the kids immediately announced that equivalent fractions are easy!

The video is a little silly, but has great content. The repetition of the phrase “you do the same thing to the bottom that you do to the top” helps to cement the idea of common factors and multiples with the kids.  Enjoy watching it at home with your child, this is just another tool in their math tool box!

Mrs. B