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Monthly Archives: February 2015

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STEM Night!

STEM night is Tuesday March 3rd at Heritage Elementary School! Come join us from 5:30-7:30 for tons of hands on activities, a code breaking puzzle, and demonstrations from our Junior High and High School STEM classes. It is a great time for Heritage Students of all ages!


The time has come… Monday and Tuesday we will be taking the first round of the PARCC test in Math. We will be testing both days for 75 minutes. The rest of our day we will be business as usual. As we get ready for PARCC, please help your students to be prepared in the following ways:

Make sure our kiddos get to bed on time this weekend. Even a late Saturday night can have an impact on a Monday morning test!

Please make sure kids have a good breakfast on both days. Grumbly tummies make for unfocused test takers.

Talk with your child a little bit about the test. Let them know that this test may be difficult but that we know they can do the work. Encourage them to do their best and to persevere through the difficult material. Remind them that they have strategies to use to solve these problems.

Remind them that if the iPad they are using is not working that we will be able to fix it or get them a new one and they will still have the full testing time. No students will be penalized due to a technology issue. There will be multiple adults in the room that can help them in this situation.

Thanks for helping to get our kids ready for PARCC!

Have a great weekend!

What an exciting day we had today! We started the day with our usual spelling test but quickly began our fun activities after that! We spent part of our day creating art pieces that were as individual as we are! We began by layering colors of paint to create a background, then added a tree trunk and hearts to make a tree of love. Some of us added owls, flowers, and other decorative touches. I thought they were beautiful!









We used our paintings to talk about fractions this afternoon. What fraction of our hearts were red? Pink? Upside down? The partner discussions were great! I heard lots of mathematical terms being used!



We also participated in heart healthy exercise today. We had a great time doing bean bag tosses, sack races and playing crab walk soccer! The kids loved getting their heart rates up and synergizing with one another to play games.








We also spent some time giving from the heart today. We made “hugs” to send to the James Cancer Hospital. These hugs will be distributed to patients tomorrow. We also collected boxes full of books, coloring books, crayons, word searches, blankets and scarves. These will add some level of comfort to patients and families that are seeking treatment there. I am very proud of our third graders and the service leadership they showed today!







It was a wonderful day today! I hope the students enjoyed it as much as I did!

Our Instructional Coach shared this article and video about fractions with me. It has some new insight and some instructional strategies for putting fractions on a number line…timely since this is what we are currently doing! The video is at the end of the article and is about 3 minutes long.


Mrs. B

We have been talking about equivalent fractions in math, and discussed ways to create equivalent fractions. I discussed with the kids a video that I had seen several years ago that showed how to find equivalent fractions, and mentioned that I was disappointed that I could no longer find the video.  I guess some of the kids took it as a challenge to go out and find it, because today Amier came in and happily announced that he found it on youtube! The video link is below, we watched it today in my math class and so many of the kids immediately announced that equivalent fractions are easy!

The video is a little silly, but has great content. The repetition of the phrase “you do the same thing to the bottom that you do to the top” helps to cement the idea of common factors and multiples with the kids.  Enjoy watching it at home with your child, this is just another tool in their math tool box!

Mrs. B

Just a few reminders for this week:

We are collecting items for the James Cancer Hospital. We are collecting books, crossword puzzles, blankets, scarves and playing cards for the patients and their families. Please feel free to drop off your donation outside of Mrs. Bristle’s Room.

February is also the Elementary Canned Food Drive to benefit the Pickerington Food Pantry. Canned food donations can be sent to school with your child.

Friday we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with some Heart Health. Please wear red on this day and also tennis shoes as we will be participating in some heart healthy activities. We will also be working on a special art project in the afternoon so it should be a great day!

On Friday we will be passing out Valentine’s to the class. Student’s should bring enough Valentine’s for the class (22 students) and a box or a bag to collect them in. As a reminder no food or candy will be allowed due to numerous food allergies in the classroom. If students wish to bring in pencils, erasers, stickers or other non edible treats they may.

I am so pleased to announce that our class has had another Golden Book signer! Maddie is a great leader of learning each day! She gets to school on time, gets right to work, and makes sure she is following directions each time they are given. Her proactive behavior is a great example to every other student in our class, and we are so proud of her! Way to go Maddie!