We have been working really hard in math lately, and have been practicing our multiplication facts every day. I have noticed that several students are really making great progress, and that some of the students need a little more practice. I can not stress enough the importance of studying multiplication facts each night. This will pay off in huge ways as the math gets harder. This can be done in many ways; the typical flash cards, online games, iPad or iPhone apps, or practice quizzes.

Another way that the kids can practice is by doing ST math at home. ST math is a great tool that we use at school each day. The students can log in and play the games they have already mastered at school, or they can use the fluency practice area to practice basic facts. This tool will help to encourage mathematical thinking and will help the students to practice their multiplication facts. Students can access the game from the Heritage Webpage, click on homework, and log in using their picture password.

The practice should take about 10 minutes each night. By spending the extra time on this, and putting their first things first, the students will see improvement in their math skills!