This morning I attended a Professional Development meeting all about PARCC. If you haven’t heard of PARCC you soon will. PARCC is the new assessment tool that will be given to students in Ohio. It will be given over several days in February, and then again in March/April. This assessment will be given in both Reading/Language Arts and Math. As I sat in my meeting I started to get a bit anxious. This assessment is tough, it is rigorous, it will challenge all of my students. I thought to myself, “What if they can’t do it?”

Then I realized who I was thinking about. This group of kids has yet to balk at anything that I have thrown at them. They beg for challenges and face them head on. Do we stumble? Yes, of course. But we pick ourselves up again and move forward. Why should I think PARCC would be any different? Each time the kids and I face a new task, we Begin with the End in Mind. What is it that we need to do? What is our Goal? How can we get there? So that is exactly what we will do here.

We will be looking at sample test items and practicing them as a class. I will develop questions and tasks that model what the kids will see on PARCC. We will work through them together and point out what needs to be done. These will come home so that you can review them with your child and see what they will be required to do.  We will struggle at first. We will get better and we will continue to push ourselves. That is who we are… that is what we do.

We talked in class today about the word Persevere, and what that means. We will continue to persevere as we tackle tasks that are more challenging and more rigorous. These kids will be successful, because we are starting out knowing what our goal is. We have our End in Mind.

If you want to help with this task, and want to see first hand what the tests will look like, please visit for more information.

Thanks for all that you do at home to support our learning here at school!

Mrs. B