We are in full swing for writers workshop these days! Yesterday we spent more time “Priming the Pump” to get ready to write. Students practiced with a partner and then took turns teaching a small group. Once again the students taught across their fingers, using each finger to name a big idea for their topic. I was so impressed by their wealth of knowledge and also by how attentive they were when being the students!





I thought they did an amazing job, and that Writer’s Workshop was going so well…and then today happened! I was TOTALLY unprepared for the AMAZINGNESS (yep that’s a word) of today’s writers workshop.

We spent some time as a class talking about what good information writers do and created an anchor chart to remind us:


Then the kids did a Long Write. This is a chance to write continuously on a topic and get all of their information out. We don’t worry about organization or structure yet, we just get it all out. It is recommended that the first time kids do a Long Write that they write for 7 minutes, or until they are finished. Today these amazing third graders wrote for 26 minutes!!!!!!!!! They just kept writing. I was so proud of them, look at how hard they are working!






I can’t wait to see how tomorrow goes!