Today we began and exciting 6 week adventure. We dove head first into the topic of informational writing. We discussed how writers of informational pieces are actually teachers, they are teaching their readers about something they are an expert about, something they are interested in, something they are passionate about.

Today I asked the students to choose a topic that they felt they could teach about. Something, ANYTHING, that they could present information about. We had students pick swimming, horses, math, baseball, astronomy… An endless amount of topics came forth. The students then paired up and taught their partner about their topic by teaching across their fingers. Each finger represented a sub-topic of their greater topic. By going through this process the students were actually preparing themselves to write in sections. They chose their topic, created 5 sub-topics (sections for their writing) and then began to develop details for each sub topic. We will continue the process this week. Check out how engaged all of the students were as they listened to their partners.