When we set goals for ourselves, we often have ways to track our progress towards meeting those goals. If we want to lose weight we might weigh ourselves or keep a food journal. If we want to run a marathon we might log the number of miles we run each week. The steps we take to track our progress towards our goals are as important as setting the goal itself. It keeps us accountable and helps us to make sure we stay on track. One of the ways we track our progress towards goals in our classroom is the Leadership Notebook. The other way is through scoreboarding. We put class scoreboards up to track our progress towards individual and classroom goals.

Our first scoreboard is our STAR data board. Each time we take a STAR test we will track how many students increased their STAR score. The stickers are anonymous so we look at numbers not names. Our goal is for everyone to increase their STAR score each time they take the test.


Our next scoreboard is in the hall and is for the whole third grade. We are tracking our math fluency. Each time a student passes a timed test they get to move their clip up the ribbons. The goal is for everyone to master their multiplication facts by the end of the school year. I am so excited because so far everyone has moved up at least one time!



When we don’t reach our goal, or we have a mis-step, this is not a time to get upset or to get hard on ourselves. Failing to meet a goal gives us an opportunity to think about what we did or didn’t do, and how we can change it for the next time. Together we can support one another to make sure that we all meet the goals we set!