We were really busy last week! We started a new unit in Social Studies and talked about TImelines (pretty cool since we also talked about Number Lines in math) and we worked to read a timeline together. In Math we worked with number lines, elapsed time, and telling time. We finished up our work in Language Arts with Folk Tales and Fables and have discussed tricksters and fools, the Central Message of stories, and how to use evidence from text to support our answers.

This week…

Language Arts:

We will be reading Amos and Boris and talking about character traits, context clues and using text evidence when talking about a story. We will finish up our Character Traits writing pieces this week as well. In spelling we will talk about “oy” words and the spelling patterns for those words.


We will continue on with our Measurement unit and will move into discussions of Grams and Kilograms. Ask your child this week what we did with rice to demonstrate this concept.

Social Studies:

We will continue to work with Timelines and will begin discussing the history of Pickerington. We will being plotting important historical dates on timelines together.

We continue to talk about Leadership each day in the classroom, this week we will focus our discussion on Habit 3, Put First Things First.

I look forward to seeing many of you at conferences this week, please remember that your child is welcome to attend the conference so that they can share their Leadership Notebooks with you.

Have a great week!