Wow! This class is full of some amazing kids! I had a rough morning today and had to pick my little guy up from Preschool at the last minute. Mrs. Haddox was kind enough to fill in for me here at school while I went to get him and had some pretty big compliments for the kids. Mrs. Haddox said that this is one of the greatest classes she has ever had the privilege of spending time with! I was so happy to hear that they were being proactive and doing the right thing, even thought I wasn’t here. When I got back, Brent (my son) stayed with us for about 20 minutes while we waited on Grandma to come pick him up and the kids worked as if he wasn’t even there. They focused on their tasks, kept their end in mind, and worked very hard! I am so proud of them and how dedicated to their learning they are! High Fives to everyone! I will update later this evening with our Week in Review and our Week at a Glance! Happy Sunny Friday!