We have been really busy this week! As we are moving into the middle of our first quarter we started Leadership Teams, had our first library check out, had picture day and we set goals for our Leadership Notebooks. Make sure you ask your child about their reading goals that we set together. We are all striving to increase our STAR reading scores so that we become better readers!

Next week:

Reading/Language Arts: We will be continuing our unit on Stories Worth Telling Again and Again. We will be reading some folk tales and identifying the different story elements in the tales.

Math: We continue our work with multiplication and division. We have been working with different tools to help us with our math problems. The students should be able to use number bonds, tape diagrams, equal distribution, and repeated addition/skip counting in order to solve these types of problems. I have been encouraging the kids to practice their multiplication facts at home as this will really help us as we go through the year. Please try and make this a part of your nightly homework routine. Even 5 minutes a night will make a huge difference!

Science: We will continue to learn about plants and plant life cycles. We will retry our Lima Bean experiment since our first one didn’t work out very well. (We had lots of rotting lima beans in the room) The kids and I discussed possible reasons for the problems we had, and think maybe more sunlight, less water and a warmer location could help our seeds to be more successful. In the meantime we will continue to monitor our flowers that we planted and to read books about plants and their life cycles.

We are focusing on Habit number 2 this week, Begin With the End in Mind. We discuss the importance of setting goals and making a plan towards meeting those goals. Make sure you ask your child about the goals they are setting and how they plan to meet those goals.

The start of the school year has been great, I am so thankful for amazing kids and great parent support from home! Have a great weekend!