We didn’t have to wait long for a Sunny Day in order to use our Solar Ovens. We went outside this afternoon and used our Ovens to make Smore’s. The kids worked to find a sunny location, position their pizza box to catch the best rays, and to reflect the sunlight into the box in order to cook the Smore’s. They learned about Solar Energy, Insulation, Reflection, and some patience as we waited for our Smores to cook! It was a delicious way to learn about Solar Energy! We also took temperature readings of the inside of our ovens as they were cooking. We had one oven get as warm as 145 degrees Fahrenheit! As a part of the Engineering design process students did a writing assignment when we returned to the classroom. They wrote about their experience and made suggestions for revisions to the project. They know that good scientists are always trying to better their inventions, and made some great suggestions about what we should do differently next year. The students had the option of taking home a pizza box and the directions so they can make ovens at home this summer…let us know if you do and send us pictures of what you cook!


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