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Thanks to the Heritage PTO for another awesome Fun Day! The kids had a great time, and I had the extra fun of bringing Katie in with me to hang out with the “big kids”! She loves all of my students her new friends, and I loved how caring, kind and helpful they all were with her today! They all showed great leadership skills as we spent some time Sharpening our Saws today!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage




We completed our circuits, and our STEM project with some hands on electricity fun. The students worked together to first create a simple circuit with a battery, light and wires. After everyone got that circuit going they teamed up, combined supplies, and synergized to create a circuit that would light and light, sound a buzzer, and all worked with the flick of a switch. We had all kinds of circuits going, and the students did a great job of figuring out that they needed a path for the energy to flow through in order to make everything work. We have some pretty “bright” kids!  



We didn’t have to wait long for a Sunny Day in order to use our Solar Ovens. We went outside this afternoon and used our Ovens to make Smore’s. The kids worked to find a sunny location, position their pizza box to catch the best rays, and to reflect the sunlight into the box in order to cook the Smore’s. They learned about Solar Energy, Insulation, Reflection, and some patience as we waited for our Smores to cook! It was a delicious way to learn about Solar Energy! We also took temperature readings of the inside of our ovens as they were cooking. We had one oven get as warm as 145 degrees Fahrenheit! As a part of the Engineering design process students did a writing assignment when we returned to the classroom. They wrote about their experience and made suggestions for revisions to the project. They know that good scientists are always trying to better their inventions, and made some great suggestions about what we should do differently next year. The students had the option of taking home a pizza box and the directions so they can make ovens at home this summer…let us know if you do and send us pictures of what you cook!


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We were busy yesterday afternoon and again this morning as we worked to create ovens out of Pizza Boxes. These ovesn will use Solar Energy to help us “cook” smores next week when we have a sunny day. We were lucky to have Maeve’s mom come in to help us build them yesterday and she talked with us about the function of each part of the oven. Ask your child:

Why we used two layers of Saran Wrap?

What is the foil on the lid for?

What is the foil in the box for?

Why did we tape the seams closed?

Why did we use black paper in the bottom?

Why did we attach a string to the lid?

We are really looking forward to using these next week!


Wee took some time today to Sharpen our Saws and put the artistic talents of our students to work. We took our sidewalk chalk outside and had fun drawing, creating, writing, designing and decorating on the playground. Some students worked solo, some synergized to make a Pokemon character, and some made a track out of chalk and ran races. It was a great way to spend about 30 minutes this morning!


This is an exciting two weeks for our fourth graders! We have lots of fun activities planned and will be finishing up lots of exciting projects here at school. Things to look forward to:

Thursday 5/22 Technology Day. Also the Middle School Counselors will be here to visit with the students!

Friday 5/23 Art with Anna

Monday 5/26 No School

Wednesday 5/28 4th Grade Pancake Breakfast (for students only, send them to school hungry!) and the 4th grade awards assembly (families welcome, this will take place around 10:45)

Thursday 5/29 PTO Fun Day

Friday 5/30 4th Grade Kickball Tournament and Yearbook signing day.

Monday 6/2 Last day and Early Dismissal


We will also be finishing up our STEM project next week (thanks to everyone that donated to our donors choose project to make it happen!) and will be cooking marshmallows in our solar ovens (fingers crossed for a sunny day!). We are really looking forward to all of these events. Please contact us if you have questions about anything!


Mrs. B


Check out all of the events happening at Heritage this week to support Gabe and the iRun event!

Snapshots of Second Grade

To help raise money for Gabe and the iRun event, we will be celebrating some of Gabe’s favorite things this week!  For a donation, you can celebrate the theme each day!  All money goes to benefit Gabe!

Tuesday, May 13th – Wear Blue for Gabe!

Wednesday, May 14th – Wear Buckeye or 49ers colors for Gabe!

Thursday, May 15th – Rockin’ Out for Gabe!  Dress up like your favorite pop star or wear your favorite concert t-shirt!

Friday, May 16th – Wear your iRun t-shirt or your bracelet for Gabe!

Please see the website for Gabe’s story and to register for the iRun event


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