As many of you know we talk with the kids about pluses (things that were great) and deltas (things to improve on). Well I have a HUGE plus that I want to share with all of you. In December we took a common assessment in Language Arts and the results were less than awesome. We all had some major areas to improve in, and one of them was writing multiple paragraph writing pieces. Well, we took another common assessment last week and I was anxious to compare the results, so I spent most of today grading them (I know…my life is thrilling). 

Well the results are in…and they are amazing! EVERY SINGLE STUDENT made growth on the writing piece. EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!!! I was floored by the quality, content and structure of the writing pieces! Don’t get me wrong, the reading pieces were great too, but the writing was such a huge improvement that I want to shout it from the rooftops! Your kids rocked this assessment and I could not be more proud! I found myself taking pictures of the different writing pieces and texting them to my friends and family…totally bragging that my fourth graders are amazing. Please Please Please give your child an extra big hug from me this weekend and let them know how proud of them I am!

One of the biggest reasons that they showed improvement is thanks to Mrs. Kenney and a great tool that she shared with us this week during E and I. She shared a four square organizer that helps the kids to organize their topic sentence and paragraph, their detail paragraphs and their conclusion. Almost all of my students drew the organizer on the test and used it to organize their thoughts. The organizer is great because it is super easy for the kids to recreate, so they aren’t trying to use some complicated outline or graphic organizer. Thanks Mrs. Kenney!

Enjoy your weekend!