We had a great day today in fourth grade! The Valentine’s day spirit was interwoven in almost all of our activities today and we certainly showed our love of learning!

We began our day with some narrative writing. The kids imagined they were a valentine being sent or given to someone special. They had to write about their day from the perspective of the valentine. The writing pieces were very creative, and many of them were heartfelt. We certainly saw the kids putting first things first and doing awesome work!

After lunch we got right to work in Science! Our End in Mind was to “Identify states of matter based on properties”. What better way than to make Ooobleck?! We discussed the properties of matter and then the students worked in groups to make the Ooobleck. They then had to decide if it was a solid or a liquid and do a persuasive writing piece to defend their position. Of course we made it pink and purple for Valentine’s day!







After that we made some cute heart crafts and passed out valentines.


To wrap up the day we took some time to sharpen our saws and watched Madly Madagascar… All in all it was a great day and a great way to wrap up the week!

Have a great weekend! Hug the ones you love!

Mrs. B