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We have been working really hard in fourth grade with following directions. Over the next few weeks you will see quick assignments coming home that all have to do with following directions. These are intended to help our kids focus on what the task is really asking them to do, rather than assuming they know before reading the whole question. As these come home, please review them with your child and go over what they can do in order to be successful on these assignments. As always, thanks for all that you do at home to support our work here at school!


So I just have to brag! Check out our fourth grade leaders waiting for the Opera to start yesterday! They were all being so PROACTIVE as they made sure to do the right thing while waiting for the younger grades to come into the auditorium. We were so proud of their decision to be in charge of their own actions! High Five Fourth Graders!



The fourth graders have had a great time researching the different cultural groups that lived in Ohio during the 1800’s as Ohio was growing from a territory to a state. The students each took an immigrant group (and one Native group) and conducted research about that group, where it settled and the contributions that group made to Ohio. Most of the students are researching a group that is connected to their own heritage in some way. They each completed a quick family research project last week to discover the history behind their last names and their mom’s maiden names. We used this information to make teams to research the different immigrant groups in Ohio.  

The students started by using the iPads to research the different cultures and their contributions to Ohio. They worked hard to synergize as they searched for information.




They then took their information, worked together to organize it, and created a poster to show all of the details about their immigrant group. These posters will be on display in the fourth grade hall soon. Stop in and check them out!



We had a great day today in fourth grade! The Valentine’s day spirit was interwoven in almost all of our activities today and we certainly showed our love of learning!

We began our day with some narrative writing. The kids imagined they were a valentine being sent or given to someone special. They had to write about their day from the perspective of the valentine. The writing pieces were very creative, and many of them were heartfelt. We certainly saw the kids putting first things first and doing awesome work!

After lunch we got right to work in Science! Our End in Mind was to “Identify states of matter based on properties”. What better way than to make Ooobleck?! We discussed the properties of matter and then the students worked in groups to make the Ooobleck. They then had to decide if it was a solid or a liquid and do a persuasive writing piece to defend their position. Of course we made it pink and purple for Valentine’s day!







After that we made some cute heart crafts and passed out valentines.


To wrap up the day we took some time to sharpen our saws and watched Madly Madagascar… All in all it was a great day and a great way to wrap up the week!

Have a great weekend! Hug the ones you love!

Mrs. B

I am so excited to report that our Donors Choose project was fully funded and we will soon be getting two iPad mini’s for the classroom! Thanks so much to all of you that helped get our project funded! Stay tuned to see how we use them!

I am so excited! Last week I told you that I had a donors choose project up to get 2 iPad minis for the classroom. As of today we are only $135 away from being funded! Thanks so much to all of you that have donated to help us get these awesome tools for the classroom. If you (or anyone you know) wants to donate I have included the link below. Through tomorrow (Sunday) at midnight all donations are being matched by donors choose if you use the code INSPIRE. This means we actually only need $67.50 in donations! I’m so thankful to everyone that has already donated and can’t wait to make this a reality for our kids!


Stay warm!

Mrs B

Our friend Miss Stack reminded her students about the upcoming food drive to support the Pickerington Food Pantry. See her blog below for details about how we can synergize and help out our community!

Second Grade Smarties



After the busy holiday season, the Pickerington Community

Food Pantry is in need of our help. The district-wide

Elementary Food Drive will take place February 3rd – 14th.

The Special Events and Health & Wellness Teams are

SYNERGIZING to make this food drive a success for our


According to the Food Pantry’s website, they are currently in

need of the following food items:

• Canned Fruits

• Canned Diced Tomatoes

• Soups

• Canned Pastas

• Juices

The Teams will have collection boxes in the hallway in front of the office. Let’s work together for a WIN-WIN!

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