Today we started one of my favorite projects of the year. Each year we take the concepts we are learning about in geometry and use them to create four square quilt designs. Once each student completes their own square we put them together to create a classroom quilt. It is truly amazing.

Of course part of the fun is making the final quilt, but the important part of the lesson is learning and properly using the geometric terms. Today we had each student design one square and then write a paragraph describing their square using geometric terms. We asked them to be as detailed as possible and to use as many geometric terms as was appropriate. Here are a few examples:




We then had the kids pair up and sit back to back. Each partner had to read their description while their partner tried to draw what they were describing. It was a great way for the kids to see how accurate their mathematical descriptions were. (And to practice listening!) The plan was to then talk about how they needed to add more details to their writing in order to make it very clear, but one of our fourth grade friends beat me to the punch! After seeing that her partner didn’t quite get the right picture, Yasmin said “I think I needed to add more details and be more descriptive.” I was so impressed about how proactive she was being and how she took responsibility to do a better job next time!

Here are a few pictures of the partner work…