Today we practiced using a compass to measure angles. I was soooo nervous about this lesson as it was the first time teaching it for me (new fourth grade standard). I had nothing to worry about- the kids rocked! These tips can help to continue making this a success:

1) Make sure you line up the vertex of the angle with the center of the protractor and your bottom ray with the 0 line.

2) Extend your top ray using your pencil and a straight edge if it doesn’t reach the edge of the protractor.

3) Check to see if your angle measure is “reasonable”. If it is an acute angle the measure should be less than 90 degrees, if it is obtuse than your measure should be greater than 90 degrees.

Lastly I promised the kids I would post these two games that we played today… They actually WANT extra math practice!

Here are a few pictures of our practice: