I came across this article this morning on a friends Facebook page and it really hit home. Not only because the article discusses helping our children become leaders- I think we all know how strongly I believe in that- but because I could see myself in some of the examples the article gives.

The article is about 7 parenting mistakes that we make that can prevent our kids from becoming leaders. It is a good quick read, and has a great message. One mistake the article references is not letting our kids fail. As parents we want our kids to be successful all the time…wouldn’t that be great? To never experience failure? However that isn’t reality and by preventing kids from experiencing failure now, we are setting them up for a disaster when they fail at something big later on. I find myself doing this with my kids all the time, not letting them fall, fixing Katie’s mistakes before thy happen, or swooping in to do something for her that she wants to do herself because I think it is too (hard, dangerous, messy, challenging).

Today I am going to commit to allow my kids to experience failure, to have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and to accept consequences of their actions. I’m not letting them fail, I’m giving them a gift.

Here is the link to the article:


Enjoy your day with your kids!

Mrs. B