I’m sure lots of people would think we were crazy today! We paired up the students for math, gave each pair and IPad and a list of geometric terms, gave a quick review of school, classroom and hallway expectations and set the kids free to roam the school and take pictures of different places in the building that they saw different geometric points, lines and angles. After they took their pictures they used the iPads to create a slide show that they will present to the class tomorrow.

Guess what? They were AMAZING! They moved through the building quietly, took their jobs very seriously and worked with their partners to complete their task! I heard 7 Habits Language several times as they worked:

“Let’s be proactive and make a plan about where to go in the building.”

“If you take half of the pictures then I can take the other half and that’s win-win.”

“We have to be done by 2:00, lets put first things first and start at the top of the list.”

We were so proud! The terms the students were looking for were:

Line Segment
Parallel Lines
Perpendicular Lines
Intersecting Lines
Right Angle
Acute Angle
Obtuse Angle

Talk about these with your kids tonight and see what they found! We had some students that were very creative! Here are some pictures of the kids at work.