Wowza! We had a super busy week last week! We were very busy with our STEM project (post on that to follow) and with our division unit in math. Ask your child about…

  • Building a Tar pul
  • Soil Compaction
  • The three methods for division
  • Their readers theater during E and I
  • Why we “Smile” when we factor a number
  • What is the difference between a Prime and Composite number
  • Which habit we talked about this week
  • What are some of the Historic Tribes that lived in Ohio
  • What Mrs. Gossett Talked about during her lesson


This week is short but BUSY!

Monday we will continue working on weathering and erosion in science and language arts. These are SLOW process that change the Earth’s surface as opposed to the RAPID processes we learned about two weeks ago (Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Landslides). In math we will finish up our discussion about division and factors and multiples. We continue to work on the Historic Tribes of Ohio in social studies and will talk about them some more tomorrow. 

Tuesday we will do some Thanksgiving themed activities in the morning and then get ready for our Fourth Grade Feast. We have loved reading all of the recipes and are looking forward to tasting all of the delicious foods that are coming in on Tuesday. Please see the One Call Email for reminders. 

We are having a recycling drive at school and are collecting magazines and catalogues for recycling. The winning class gets 30 minutes of extra gym time! Please send in any magazines that you are ready to part with or any of those holiday catalogues that are clogging up your mailboxes. The school earns money every time we fill the recycling bin by the playground!

Have a great Sunday, stay warm and hug your kiddos!

Mrs. Bristle