Today our friend Kathlyn is going to be a guest blogger! She is going to tell us about how water causes erosion in a river.


Erosion is when wind, water, and ice wears away at soil or rock. At a beach you’ll see the waves coming in and out. Every time the waves take a little bit out and give a little bit back. In a river the water is going one direction. It takes away soil and doesn’t give it back. For instance, if you put a rock at the bottom of a river, in ten years or so it’ll be smooth. In river bends the water is pressed against one side of the river. If a river turns one way it will erode the other way. If a river turns right, the water will erode the left side of the river.


Didn’t Kathlyn do a great job explaining erosion? When she gave this explanation to the class today the other kids clapped when she was finished! These fourth graders are doing some amazing thinking, we couldn’t be more proud!