We started our STEM project yesterday! We spent the day talking about Technology and Engineers. We began by having the kids discuss what they feel Technology and Engineers were, and recorded their definitions on chart paper. Notice how most of the definitions have to do with using electronics.



We then gave the students bags with a piece of technology inside. We asked them to describe the technology, what the technology was used for, and what problem it solves. They then presented their findings to the rest of the class. Some of their technologies were:

A protein shaker


A funnel


A hair clip… Modeled by our friend Brody!


And many others! None of their pieces of technology required electricity so after their discussion they had to rework their definitions! We came up with some great definitions in small groups and ended up with a great classroom definition of technology.


We also watched a video about student engineers, and then discussed how engineers are people that solve problems. Our final definition of an engineer is:

Engineers use and create technology to solve everyday problems.

Today we are going to learn a little bit about the problem we are going to solve, we are excited to get started!