Sunday already! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends and time with your families. I know I loved my time with my little trick or treaters this weekend. I can’t help but show them off…they are too cute!





Thanks for indulging me! This week we are very excited to be starting our first STEM project. This will be the focus of our Reading, Language Arts, and Science time over the next few weeks. We will be working on this most mornings. The unit will focus on Landforms and Erosion and will allow the kids to tackle the process of engineering a bridge along a river.  We will be reading about weathering and erosion to go along with the unit as the students work on their investigations. This is sure to be an exciting project for the students, be sure to check back often for pictures of our process!

In Math we will continue working on Multi-Step problems in multiplication, and will begin division as well. Please make sure students continue to work on practicing their multiplication facts at home. It is becoming more important that they have automaticity with these as we enter into the next part of our unit. Here are a couple of sites that could help add some new ways to practice these facts at home:


The week of November 11th we will be having a Coin War to support our Leader In Me Initiative at school. Kids will be encouraged to bring in coins and put them into the bucket for their grade level. All coins count towards their grade level goal. The catch is that they can bring in bills to put in the buckets of other grade levels. All bills cancel out the coins. So if third grade had $5.00 worth of coins in their bucket and a fourth grader brought in a $5.00 bill it would cancel out the coins in the bucket. The winning grade level gets a pop and popcorn party…and more importantly bragging rights! For those of you that don’t know, Mrs. Bristle is ridiculously highly competitive, so start checking your couch cushions!

We also have another Book Bingo night coming up on November 14 (6:30-8:00). It was so much fun last time, please consider joining us for some family fun and the chance to win some great books!

Enjoy your Sunday night!


Mrs. Bristle