Whenever I think of fall I think of apples! Two weekends ago I took my kids apple picking and it was so much fun, ever since then Mrs. Kenney and I have had apples on the brain. Today we started a weeklong science project on apples. Each group got three apples and had to leave one alone, peel one, and cut one up. They then had to predict which would lose more water over the next week and tell why they thought so. Each group found the mass of each apple to start with (in grams) and will do so every day for the next 5 days to prove or disprove their hypothesis. Check out some of their work below.





Additional activities will have apple themes this week and next. We will do some apple word work, apple writing, and apple critical thinking puzzles.

All this apple talk is making me hungry… Bonus points for anyone that brings Mrs. Bristle and Mrs. Kenney an apple treat! ūüôā