We will be starting a new behavior management system next week. The reason for the change is because the entire school is moving to a consistent system. This will relay the message to the students that the behavior expectations are the same across the building, and that any adult has the ability to give them rewards or consequences for their behavior. 


The behavior system is a clip chart that has 5 sections. Each day the students will start on green (in the middle) which is Ready to Learn. If they show great behavior during the day they have the opportunity to move up to Role Model (Blue) and Outstanding Leader (purple). If the student makes negative choices during the day they can move down to Think About it (Yellow) or Teacher’s Choice (Red). Teacher’s Choice could include a variety of consequences including loss of recess, behavior reflection sheets, parent contact, or office referral. 


We understand the importance of daily communication with parents, so we will continue to use Class Dojo. At the end of each day we will enter points on Class Dojo based on the color the child is on. Green will earn 1 point, Blue 2 points, Purple 3 points. Yellow will be a loss of one point and Red will be a loss of 2 or more points. (Again, Teacher’s Choice) Students will still have the opportunity to earn a reward at the end of the week based on the class dojo points they earn. Because we are not giving points throughout the day, the target number will most likely be lower. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!